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Sanli Design - providing architectural design and build solutions from offices in London. Founded in 2003, the Practice offers architecture that is dynamic, pragmatic, enjoyable and is delivered within specified time and cost constraints.
Early projects included regeneration of existing residential buildings and retail food out let units throughout the UK . Current projects include residential developments and design and fit out international chain restaurants. Commissions from clients in different sectors have introduced the Practice to a broad range of building types, including consultancy Services buildings which Sanli Design has developed a significant expertise in roll-out programmes, interior design, fit-out and corporate retail identity.


With two different buildings and a fit out team led by 2 directors, the Practice has a wide range of skills and experience that allows it to assemble design teams specially tailored to each project to provide a coherent path from project inception to completion.

Sanli Design embraces innovative use of technology across its offices to enable the practice to perform as a single entity on projects throughout the UK and in mainland Europe.

Everyone at Sanli Design has the master craftsman’s eye for detail and a deep knowledge of the science of architecture

and materials.


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We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.


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Clients Brief

At the start of every project is a brief. Even if the project is self-generated we need to establish the vision, quality, timescale & budget.


We believe in designing for our client’s immediate and perceived future requirements. Only through a vigorous interview process can initial ideas and pre-conceptions be formed into a brief. We do not slavishly follow the theory "form follows function". However any formal proposals have to have been achieved through a rigorous design process.


We consider our position as team leader on projects, co-ordinating input from other consultants, our client and the contractor. It is our experience that the best results are achieved only through committed teamwork.


We continue to teach at schools of architecture for theoretical research. The process of encouraging students to develop and investigate their ideas is an invigorating way of recharging one’s own ideas and challenges one’s complacency. We promote the exchange of ideas between students and the profession by offering placements within the practice.

Initial Concepts & Ideas​

Our ideas need to be strong enough to sustain constant rationalisation during the design process. We attempt to embody in the completed project simple, strong ideas, which may sometimes only be subtle and understood on consequent visits. Our ultimate aim is that users of the completed building may experience a joy and beauty in the materials, detailing, space and light.


​We believe every project has a context, whether it is the existing fabric of a building the archaeological remains of a site, or a surrounding landscape. The context then becomes an important factor to inform or react against.

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